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Next Gen Wireless

Extend Wireless Solutions Into Every Facet of Human and Machine Interaction


Top 5 IoT

Allows machines to do more heavy lifting, take over tedious tasks and make life more healthy, productive, and comfortable.


Cyber Security 3 of 3

Is your network, devices and data protected from unauthorized access or criminal use?


Digital Transformation

Speed is the name of the game for businesses. How to stay ahead of the competition?


Why CoJo Connect?

  • Trusted Advisor
    Sit on your side of the table.
    Advocate for you looking out for your best interest.
  • Carrier-Agnostic Engineers
    Our engineers tout industry leading certifications from Cisco CCNP, CCIE, AWS Solution Architects, Security CISSP, & more
  • Serviceability and Quotes
    Real-time pricing tool for hosted UC, fiber, cable & more.
    Features fiber maps and lit buildings.
  • Vested in Long Term Relationships
    No quota, residual income, paid to retain not acquire.
    Extension to your team but not on your payroll.
  • Project Management
    Discovery, Organization, Coordination, Momentum,
    Collaboration = Results
  • Decision Matrices
    Best-fit solution provider options comparing them side by side contract terms, package details,  features, app integrations, and platforms
  • Single Point of Contact
    250+ thoroughly vetted supplier portfolio
    Ink to Install… proposal, pricing, contract,  service delivery and ongoing support.

Featured Services

Solutions for small business to enterprise organizations

Customers demand more—is your business listening?


Roadmap to converge physical, digital and human worlds

Digital Transformation

8 cloud computing advantages

Cloud Computing

Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recovery


How secure is secure?

Cybersecurity 3 Rules of 3

Prioritize critical traffic & real-time services


Six steps to enable your remote workers

Remote Worker Enablement

What is our plan & are you prepared?

Disaster Recovery

How do you collaborate?


Expand your network connectivity for fraction of the cost

Next Gen Wireless

Convergence of multiple technologies

Top 5 IoT

Welcome to CoJo Connect

CoJo Connect, LLC. was founded using the connection of our client relationships, the connectivity that make businesses succeed in today’s market and the names of our sons Cody and Jordan. All these relationships have been our motivation of success over the past 30 years in telecommunications.  Our experience, tools, resources, and portfolio of 250+ vetted suppliers will help you save time, money and reduce the stresses of finding the right provider for your organization.  We have references in the Financial, Healthcare, Higher Education and other markets to validate “Why They Partner with CoJo Connect”.  We look forward to being your “Single Point of Contact”

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